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Monday, 12 September 2011

The London Bus Guide (New Book For 2011)

I recently managed to get my first published photo in "The London Bus Guide" a new book releasing on the 18th September. Orders can be placed online. Its a excellent read and very interesting! A must have for London Bus Enthusiasts


Separate sections give details of

The Operators - Who are they? Who runs what?

The Buses - The types currently in use, with a photograph of every variant for easy recognition

The Garages - Their addresses, the buses in their allocations, the routes they run

The Routes - Peak Vehicle Requirements, frequencies, designated bus types

In addition . . . An Overview section explains the system - how fares work, how contracts are awarded and what criteria the operators, and the bus types, have to meet. There’s even a section on the mysteries of the integral bus and the latest ECWVTA specification, and a final summary of the ‘added extras’ you can enjoy in London.

In short, pretty much all you need to know.

A5 size (handy for camera bags)

152 Full Colour pages

200 photos

Printed on high quality 135gsm gloss paper with
a 250gsm laminated c

More details can be found here:

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  1. The new guide book for London bus is out. Enjoy redaing about it